Take Your Business to The Top with IDM‘s Topping Dispenser

When you enter an ice cream parlor, the first thing you usually see is the long line of people who wait to get their hands on some ice-cold delicious ice cream. After that line of hungry people, a beautiful sight of colorful ice creams in different tastes is waiting for you to choose from. Adding a topping dispenser to the mix will complete the picture.

Add to Your Business's Efficiency

Many businesses that serve cold foods with different kinds of toppings don't have a good method of applying said toppings on top of their products. They might dip it in the toppings tray and try to make it stick as much as possible, or take some with their hands and sprinkle from above.

IDM's toppings dispensers will provide your business with a very simple solution, that will also make the entire process look better when serving ice cream to a costumer. Using a smart portion control mechanism, you can freely and easily adjust the amount of toppings you wish to sprinkle on the ice cream.

An Easy Solution for Improving Your Service

IDM's topping dispensers will provide your business with the upgrade that will help you avoid any unnecessary spills, and by that you will save time and effort that was used to be spent on cleaning spills. The dispensers will also keep the toppings fresh until they are used, and they will add to the entire image and design of your business with a beautiful and colorful display.

IDM's topping dispensers can be used in any kind of business that serves food with toppings. So, whether you operate an ice cream parlor, yogurt bar, candy store, bakery or any other of business of this kind, IDM has everything you need to take things up a notch.