Tea Party

It's tea-time and you're ready for a cuppa. The scones and jam are waiting patiently on your china plates and your matching teacup and teapot are prewarmed. You reach for the tea canister, open the lid and no smell jumps out to greet you. No smell at all. What happened? You haven’t been storing your tea leaves properly.

Tea and IDM

Fresh tea leaves need to be stored properly for freshness. Keep your Black, Green, Oolong, White, Herbal, flavored, Earl Grey and more, tea leaves in IDM's innovative storage and dispenser units. They will look beautiful and eye-catching and add to any kitchen counter or hotel display at breakfast or for any business or enterprise, because IDM's storage and dispenser units come in a variety of sizes and color and can even be custom made, just for you.

The Benefits of IDM

When you keep your tea leaves in an IDM container there'll be no waste and less cleaning because of no spills. This is due to IDM's special click dispenser and portion measure mechanism which delivers you just the right amount that you need. You won't have to fight with packages and boxes any more and you'll be contributing to a healthier environment.
So, don’t let terrible tea leaves let you down. Leave it to IDM to keep your tea drinking days happy, fresh and bursting with aroma with IDM storage and dispensing units, and you'll have a smashing, tasty, cuppa tea, every day.