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Coffee Dispenser - IDM Serving Better

The perfect solution that embodies everything you need to make the perfect cup of coffee. Our coffee dispensers are very easy to use, clean, and refill; portion control mechanism to get the perfect flavor with the precise amount and not an ounce more; avoid annoying spills, save time and money; ensure the highest levels of hygiene; and most importantly - go green – no more half used packages, less impact on the environment! What serving coffee boils down to, is quickly and elegantly producing a fresh cup of steaming, delicious coffee – here's the way to ensure success time and time again.

IDM is the industry`s global leading innovator and manufacturer of coffee powder dispensers, offering commercial clients and retailers all around the world the possibility of dispensing dry foods in a manner which preserves them and keeps them fresh.

Our coffee and tea dispensers feature a wide and rich variety of design options, to be filled with ground coffee, instant coffee, or any other coffee powder, so the added value of our products is not only measured by the high-class functionality of our elegant dispensers, but also by the creative and modern design our products offer.
Model Description - Wall Mounted #Item Specifications
HPD2-BL Double "Click Dispenser" Wall 1.5Lt 8870-2-50 26Lx18Wx30H cm
HPD3-BL Triple "Click Dispenser" Wall Mounted 1.5Lt 8870-3-50 40Lx18Wx30H cm
Model Description - Free Standing #Item Specifications
DPD1-BL Single "Click Dispenser" Free Standing 1.5Lt 8810-1-50 14Lx18Wx45H cm
DPD2-BL Double "Click Dispenser" Free Standing 1.5Lt 8810-2-50 28Lx18Wx45H cm
DPD3-BL Triple "Click Dispenser" Free Standing 1.5Lt 8810-3-50 42Lx18Wx45H cm
Nowadays, the concept of food serving and storing strongly relies on texture, color, and shape, as the presentation of the types of foods is first and foremost in its importance. IDM`s coffee and tea dispensers bring you the latest and most current word in the world of food containing, preserving, and presenting. We understand how important it is for caterers, commercial companies, and people at home to be able to dispense coffee in an attractive and esthetic way, as well as being able to use it comfortably and conveniently on a daily basis at the office for example, with our office coffee dispensers.

Let us take you on a morning stroll, down from the upstairs floor into your home kitchen, when you are about to start your new day. You probably already know that a good day starts with a good cup of coffee. That`s right, there is nothing like smelling that hot and tasteful aroma of freshly ground beans. In order to have that wonderful wakeup call each morning with fresh and tasty coffee time and time again, a quality coffee dispenser is in order, right on your kitchen table or counter.

IDM brings that morning experience for your daily enjoyment, at home for private use, at the office, at restaurants, at a catering event right by the coffee stand, or even at your favorite diner. All that is left to ask is “got milk”?

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