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Food Service

Companies in the catering and food service industry, including caterers, schools, hospitals or hotel and university cafeterias, enjoy practical solutions that facilitate effortless serving and self-serving of dry foods on premise with minimal maintenance. IDM has numerous solutions designed for the specific needs of catering and food service operations of all sizes.

Caterers have unique requirements and are under pressure to keep the customers satisfied at all times. Whether the serving is done by the caterer or self-served by customer, IDM has the just perfect solution to place on top of the counter, mount to a wall, or free stand just about anywhere.  We offer small to extra large or customized containers that are especially easy to refill and clean without touching the food.

Hotel chains must always keep their customers pleased and aesthetics play a major role. In addition, certain hotels require custom-made solutions that are embellished with their brand identity. IDM works with leading hotel chains such as Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Ramada, InterContinental and HYATT, to deliver customized or ready-made dry food dispensing solutions that appealing to look at and clearly present the attractive quality of the contained food.

School and university cafeterias often require cereal dispensers that serve even portions of various sizes and are especially rugged to sustain frequent use and refilling.  Engineered for simplicity and made of durable Perspex, stainless steel and other high quality materials, our dispensing solutions are simple enough to handle by any first time user and offer years of maintenance-free operation.