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IDM is always looking to introduce the latest and most advanced technology to meet our customers' every need. Our innovative ice cream topping dispensers make sure that your ice cream toppings are kept in a clean, easy to use, and beautifully designed way. So whether you prefer chocolate chips, sweet candies, or nuts and sprinkles, our dry topping dispensers will upgrade any ice cream parlor, candy store, and even restaurant that wish to offer their guests top quality, beautifully designed ice cream topping dispensers.
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Ice cream must be one of the most popular deserts in the world. Its creamy complexion, refreshing taste, and variety of flavors mean there is something for everyone – a flavor to accommodate every pallet. Whether you’re a five-year-old whose only wish is to have a three-story-tall tower of chocolate ice cream, or a 70-year-old lady enjoying her vanilla flavored ice cream after a nice day in the sun, ice cream will put a smile on your face. Ice cream is usually displayed in big containers divided into different compartments that automatically stimulate all of our senses. So, here in IDM we understand how important it is that your ice cream toppings will shine through all of those flavors as the perfect addition to your sweet treat.

We provide your business with acrylic ice cream dispensers, featuring a smart portion control mechanism that will allow your customers to treat themselves with the exact amount of topping they would like to have on their ice cream. It’s an easy solution that helps avoiding any unnecessary spills and even more than that – it will cut back on expenses. You can control the entire mechanism with a simple click (Which can also be a great idea for those of you who are looking for user friendly ice cream dispensers for self severice). IDM's dispensers are sealed, easy to clean, and come with multiple designs that can be adjusted to your needs (color, size, and even branding options).
Model Description - Wall Mounted #Item Specifications
HMPC3-9L Triple "Multi-X" Wall Mounted 9Lt  6679-3-50 49Lx15Wx95H cm
HMPC2-1L  Double "Multi-X" Wall Mounted 1.5Lt 6677-2-50 32Lx15Wx24H cm
HMPC1-9L  Single "Multi-X" Wall Mounted 9Lt 6679-1-50 15Lx15Wx95H cm
HMPC1-1.5L Single "MultiX" Wall Mounted 1.5L 6677-1-50 15Lx15Wx24H cm
HCT3-5Lt P Triple "Click Topping" Wall Mounted 5Lt 6678-3-51 46.5Lx15.5Wx50H cm
HCT3-1Lt R Triple "Click Topping" Wall Mounted 1Lt 5575-3-51 40Lx11Wx29H cm
HCT3-1Lt G Triple "Click Topping" Wall Mounted 1Lt 5575-3- 52 40Lx11Wx29H cm
DH50 "Pro Serv" Wall Mounted 5Lt 9971-5-50 78.5Lx15.5Wx50H cm
DH30 Triple "Pro Serv" Wall Mounted 5Lt 9971-3-50 46.5Lx15.5Wx50H cm
Model Description - Free Standing #Item Specifications
DMPC1-1.5L SIngle "Multi-X" Free Standing 1.5Lt 6617-1-50 16Lx20Wx35H cm
DMPC1-5L Single "Multi-X" Free Standing 5Lt 6611-1-50 16Lx20Wx55H cm
D50 "Pro Serv" Free Standing 5Lt 9911-5-50 82Lx28Wx65H cm
D30 Triple "Pro Serv" Free Standing 5Lt 9911-3-50 48Lx28Wx65H cm


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