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Protein & Powder Dispenser - IDM Serving Better

IDM is proud to announce its innovative brand of powder dispensers featuring a variety of designs and styles limited only by imagination, a limit we have yet to encounter. These super efficient products are part of our comprehensive dry food containing and dispensing solutions which have been helping thousands of businesses and people all over the world for quite some time now.

Our professional and dedicated team of designers and engineering specialists has created a multi-functional dispensing concept which not only contains and preserves powder edibles such as nutritional supplements, spices, or powder drink mixes, but is also equipped with a measuring mechanism for precision when necessary.

The Protein & Powder Dispensers allow you to quickly and effortlessly get precisely what you need whilst reducing waste and spills, ensuring that everything remains hygienic so that you can really focus on what's important. Dispense exact daily recommended portions of your favorite proteins, supplements, drink mixes, and powders.

Just Click, Mix & Go! 

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This ground-breaking design makes thousands of peoples' routine much easier and more functional, as an everyday, user-friendly item. From now on you, as an athlete or one who maintains an active and healthy life style can enjoy a simple and accessible protein powder dispenser. Our portion dispensers measure the recommended amount of protein powder for example, so you can start your workout all energized and ready to pump some iron. No more scattered measuring cups, messy tables, or close enough doses, now it is easier and elegant as never before, with IDM`s dry powder dispensers.

During any kind of a sports activity, we put a great weight and emphasis on the time factor, as we follow a strict workout program consisting of precise intervals. This is the equivalent of IDM`s powder dispensers – accurate, fast responding, and attractively shaped to make your surroundings more appealing for a fulfilling and active workout. But our supplement dispensers are not only for people's private home use as we provide industrial powder dispensers for gyms, juice bars, vitamin shops, health and fitness stores, protein powder manufacturers, smoothie and shake bar supplement distributors, and so on and so forth.

When you want to present different kinds of powders or allow your customers to pour the exact amount of powder each and every time completely on their own leaving no room for error – you use IDM's dry powder dispensers! So join us in having a more nourishing way of life.
Nutritional Supplements: Powder Drink Mix: Spices: Additional Uses:
Whey Protein Powders Smoothie Blends   Curry Powder Ice Cream Toppings
Soy Protein Powders   Fruit Protein mix   Mint Powder   Bacon Bits
Glutamine Powders Cocoa Powders Ginger Powder Pancake Mix
Multi Vitamin Powders                      Chai Powder   Paprika Powder Cream Powder
Casein Powders   Powder based Boba Tea Cumin Powder   Flavor Powders
Creatin Powders Pink Lemonade Mix      Garlic Powder   Organic Powders
Weight Gainers   Ice Tea mix           Mustard Powder   Nuts 
Diet Powders     Tropical Fruit Mix Soup Powder  
BCAA  Coffee Powder Vanilla Powder  

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Pro Portion - Protein & Powder dispenser Specifications:
  • ABS / SAN lid, optional: Stainless steel lid
  • San container 5 Lt. *Optional - Customized container: Acrylic container 1.5Lt  → 13.5Lt.
  • Wall mounted adapter *Optional Free standing - Metal stand
  • Pro Portion dispensing system (30cc portion servings)
*Portion 'kit' servings 10cc → 35cc / 2Tsp → 7Tsp (each portion).
Model Description - Free Standing #Item Specification
 HLP1-1.5LT Single Pro Portion Wall Mounted 1.5Lt   4477-1-50   L15 x W15 x H24 cm
 HLP1-5LT Single Pro Portion Wall Mounted 5Lt  4471-1-50  L15 x W15 x H46 cm
 HLP2-1.5LT Double Pro Portion Wall Mounted 1.5Lt   4477-2-50  L32 x W15 x H24 cm
 HLP2-5LT Double Pro Portion Wall Mounted 5Lt  4471-2-50  L32 x W15 x H46 cm
 HLP1-11.3LT Single Pro Portion Wall Mounted 11.3 Lt  4479-1-50  L15 x W15 x H105 cm
 HLP1-13LT Single Pro Portion Wall Mounted 13.5 Lt 4478-1-50  L20 x W22 x H54 cm
 HLP3-11.3LT Triple Pro Portion Wall Mounted 11.3 Lt 4479-3-50  L49 x W15 x H105 cm
Model Description - Free Standing #Item Specification
 DLP1-1.5LT Single Pro Portion Free Standing 1.5Lt  4411-1-50  L16 x W20 x H35 cm
 DLP1-5LT Single Pro Portion Free Standing 5Lt  4417-1-50  L16 x W20 x H55 cm

*Standard Color - Black Color. 
*Custom Colors Require MOQ (min order quantity) or Additional Cost.
The Pro Portion - Protein and Powder dispenser has been launched and is now available in a wide variety of colors, designs and styles.