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Retail - Bulk Merchandising

Bulk Merchandising is the ideal solution for retailers who are interested in a fresh and inviting presentation that intelligently uses space, facilitates waste and cost reduction and increases sales and overall profit. 

  • Supermarkets 
  • Health & Food Stores
  • Zero Waste Stores 
  • Candy Stores
  • Pet Stores and Many others


Retail - Consumer use

IDM designs lasting dispensers for all food retail entities to keep your food crisp and dry for especially long durations. Whether you choose from a solution from our extensive ready-made product line, or decide to customize your solution according to your needs and brand requirements, our numerous flexible solutions are guaranteed to bring maintenance-free cost-efficiency – with emphasis on beauty and user experience.

Whether you're a bar serving peanuts or a yoghurt or ice cream parlor that serves multiple toppings, our solutions for food retailers are designed to exhibit your toppings with clarity and appeal. At times portions must be even and accurate, and at other times it's best to let the toppings flow freely. In certain cases, you may need several portion sizes for the same dispenser. Whatever your needs and preferences are, IDM has the dispenser that's just right for your business and customers. 

For restaurants and cafes, as for just about any retail food business, maintaining good hygiene is essential. All our retail dispensing solutions maintain the food fresh and your hands off the food during serving and refilling – to keep your clients happy and give you peace of mind.
  • Kell200Y- "Rainbow"

    Kell200Y- "Rainbow"

  • Kell200R- "Rainbow"

    Kell200R- "Rainbow"

  • Kell200B- "Rainbow"

    Kell200B- "Rainbow"

  • Kell200LG- "Rainbow"

    Kell200LG- "Rainbow"

  • Kell200G- "Rainbow"

    Kell200G- "Rainbow"

  • Kell200BL- "Rainbow"

    Kell200BL- "Rainbow"