Looking for an elegant display and a fast way to fill coffee bags with rich coffee beans while preserving their freshness? This B30 wall mounted 'Supremo' Coffee bean dispenser with 3 cylinders of 4.5 liters each will dispense your beans in a simple pull of a knob.

This popular dispenser is great for your coffee shop, coffee roastery, zero waste store, supermarket, or any other retail space. It offers a large medium storage that allows FIFO flow so the first stock in is the first stock out. This way you are always serving the freshest coffee beans.

Its 4.5-liter containers can hold around 2.5 kg of fresh coffee beans and its wall mounted design clears up valuable retail space and lets you display your coffee beans in an elegant, clear way while keeping is as hygienic as it gets.

Its 'Supremo' mechanism was designed especially for coffee beans, but it can efficiently dispense many other types of food such as beans, seeds, grains and many more. Its elegant pull & serve portion control mechanism can release 1kg (approx.) of coffee beans in 12 seconds. So your customers can simply place their bag under the dispenser and pull the knob to get the desired amount. The knob returns to sealed position after use, so your coffee beans remain fresh for longer, and you reduce waste of packaging, spillage or un-fresh stock!

The clear 'SAN' containers display your coffee beans beautifully so your customers can get a clear view of the product inside and your staff can easily see when it is time to refill. This model comes with black funnels and lift-off lids that give it an elegant look and an airtight seal.

The dispenser comes with wall mounting brackets that are as easy to install as hanging a picture on a wall, and the dispensers simply slide into their allocated place on the brackets making it super easy to clean and refill.

B30 is BPA free and complies with FDA and EU food contact regulations.

This model is also available in silver or gold, 9 liter or 13.5 liter capacities and in a freestanding version. It comes in a single set or a set of 5 dispensers as well. We will be happy to customize any other color or capacity that you would like.

Technical info:

  • "Supremo" Mechanism
  • 3 x SAN Containers
  • Black Wall mounting brackets, black lids & funnels
  • Capacity: 4.5 Lt. each container
  • Size: 47Lx16Wx55H cm
  • Weight: 4.6Kg