Keep multiple different types of cereal organized and easy to dispense with this D50-BL-FF black, 5 Liter, Free Flow, 5 cylinder cereal dispenser!

This freestanding unit includes a metal and black stand and five 'SAN' cylinders with 'ABS' funnel & lift-off lids. Perfect for your buffet or hotel breakfast bar, this dispenser makes it easy for your guests to choose their favorite cereal and serve themselves. Each cylinder features a handle with a free flow mechanism, so it's as easy as holding down the handle until the desired amount of cereal is dispensed.

Your guests can place their cereal bowl right on the convenient tray stand as the cereal dispenses to reduce any countertop mess. Thanks to the clear cylinders, your customers will get a complete view of the product inside, and your staff will easily be able to see when it is time for refills.

This great model comes with a patented portion control mechanism so you can set it to dispense min/mid/max level. This way you can use the same dispensers for a variety of different foods such as granola, oats, coffee beans, candy, nuts, and many other types of dry food.

For example, small oats with Min level.

For example, Big walnuts with Max level.


D50-BL-FF is BPA free, complies with FDA and EU regulations for Food Contact Materials and is extremely simple to maintain.

  • "Free Flow" Mechanism
  • 5 x SAN Containers
  • Black stand
  • Capacity: 5 Lt. each container
  • Size: 82Lx28Wx65H cm
  • Weight: 11Kg

Cost Saving

Food Waste
Packaging Waste