Looking for a way to reduce countertop mess and improve your coffee corner? You have come to the right place! Enjoy IDM's DPD1-BL, featuring a single container of 1.5 liters on a chic black stand, designated to do dispense 1 x teaspoon of coffee, sugar, creamer or sweetener!

Aren't you tired of finding coffee crumbs in your sugar jar, or trying to squeeze the last drop out of a sugar sachet? Opening 3 jars till you find the one with coffee or finding out someone forgot to shut it and it has gone stale? DPD1-BL click dispenser is a simple fun dispenser that can fit in every kitchen corner, office break room, cafeteria, or home kitchen or caterer kit.

It comes with a single container of 1.5 liters preset to dispense any powder that you would like such as coffee, ground coffee, instant coffee, creamer, sweetener, cocoa powder, and even spices like cinnamon! it also has a unique mechanism you can switch to that is designated to dispense sugar smoothly.  

Thanks to its elegant black stand you can place it anywhere you like and fit a standard cup underneath. (Elevated stand available for MOQ) With its portion controlled 'Click Dispenser' mechanism, all you need to do is put your cup under the spout and swipe the handle to get 1 x teaspoon of your desired powder (1/2 teaspoon customization is available subject to MOQ). Its clear 'SAN' containers make it easy to see when it is time to refill, and with its airtight lift-top lids, your coffee or sugar will stay fresh for longer!

DPD1-BL is BPA free and complies with FDA and EU food contact regulations. It is also available in a double or triple set and in a wall mounted version.

If that is not enough, we will be happy to customize any other fixture or capacity that you would like.

Technical info:

  • "Click Dispenser" Mechanism
  • 1 x SAN Container
  • Black stand
  • Capacity: 1.5 Lt. each container
  • Size: 14Lx18Wx45H cm
  • Weight: 1.6 kg