3 Tips for a Clever Cereal Display at Your Breakfast Buffet

One of the key ingredients in almost every breakfast, the one that practically every other person looks for – is cereal. As a hotel manager you probably know that you simply can’t have a breakfast buffet without having a diverse selection of cereals that can accommodate every pallet and answer everybody’s needs and preferences. You also probably know, that when it comes to planning a buffet, you need to create a display that will help your guests locate their favorite type of cereal (and other breakfast ingredients) faster and at the same time help you manage your breakfast buffet and queues even better. So, here are 3 tips to create a clever cereal display at your breakfast buffet.

Kids’ Cereal Section 

It’s simple – kids love cereal. Kids love cereal so much that they expect to find their exact favorite, whether it's chocolate coated cereal, honey flavored cereal, or even letter or animal shaped cereal. So why not create a unique section in your buffet dedicated especially for them? It can help save some time for you guests in the buffet and you can also create a colorful and playful display made just for kids. 

Milk or Yogurt? 

The first thing that usually comes to mind when we think about cereal is milk. But most adults actually prefer eating grain cereals with some nice Greek yogurt or maybe some low fat yogurt. That is why it may be a good idea to offer different kinds of milk and yogurts right next to your cereal. 

Most Importantly – Use a Cereal Dispenser! 

Yes, there are many ways to display cereals at your breakfast buffet. But the most comfortable and efficient way is using a dry food dispenser that will allow your guests to dispense the exact amount of fresh cereal they wish to have. You can also install a wall mounted cereal dispenser and by that save some space for other delicious breakfast options for your guests.

With IDM’s food dispensers, you can enjoy a beautiful display, a tidier buffet, and happier guests! Call us today!