How to Get Those "Retro Vibes" in Your Coffee Shop?

One of the most popular styles that have been taking over the world of coffee shops – is retro. Going retro not only provides your place with a nice, warm feeling, but it can also give it a cool, laid back feeling that everybody loves to enjoy when they're having their cup of joe. So, can you get those retro vibes in your coffee shop? Keep reading to find out!

Warm Colors for that Warm Vibe

So, which colors do you have to choose in order to start getting that retro feeling in your place? Warm ones. Anything from browns, to dark oranges, reds, etc. We would suggest even painting your walls with a wood-like, brown pattern, and spread the other colors around the place with some red chairs and even a few couches, and maybe orange or some light brown tables. Try playing a little bit with colors until you fully reach a nice colorful harmony. 

Coffee Dispensers for That Welcoming Vibe

Imagine having long, brown, or even pipe-like commercial coffee dispensers right behind your baristas while people order their coffee at the cash register. Imagine that the guests that come to your coffee place can actually choose from your different wall mounted dispensers the coffee they wish to have. Now imagine your staff simply and quickly dispensing the exact amount of fresh and tasty coffee they need without creating a mess and without wasting material while preparing your customers' orders. And finally, when your guests say "thank you" for a beautifully displayed, quickly made delicious cup of coffee, all there is left to do, is say "you’re most welcome".

Books and Posters for that Groovy Vibe

People can sit in coffee shops for hours – to talk, read, work, and eat. And while they do so – they order more and more coffee. So why not add some bookshelves filled with different books that will encourage your shop's patrons to stay longer and come back again after they leave? Combine that with some nice 50’s and 60’s posters to cover you walls – and you can truly add a cool feeling to your coffee shop.


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