Cake Life

As everything else in the world, desserts and particularly celebration cakes are constantly changing and evolving. Classic creamy treats such as cheesecakes, dark chocolate truffle and black forest cakes are now starting to be considered as things of the past, regarding birthday parties and other occasions. The internet exposure and the chance to go viral and boost your business gives inspiration to many people, who try to come up with the next hot trend in the dessert world.


A Celebration for All

Expert bakers are pushing their creative boundaries beyond what is considered possible, all in order to provide an experience that comes along with their baked goods. Fondant cakes with edible graphic prints, 3D theme-based cakes, multi-tiered cakes with laces and ruffles, it is this kind of cakes which rules the current dessert market.


Baking is nothing short of an art form, as it requires immense creativity in order to accomplish it well. There are also many different measurements and proportions to take into consideration and get right, which makes baking to also be a kind of science, in some aspects. Aside from all of this, bakers are always trying to be original and create the most out-of-the-box delicious dessert out there.


Can it Be Done at Home?

People in today's world got used to expect some kind of a unique treat when celebrating a special occasion, so if you are planning an event with your loved ones you should take that into your consideration. Aside from spending a considerable amount of money when investing in such kinds of treats and desserts, there is always the option to do it yourself.



Baking is not hard, it just requires you to get familiar with your kitchenware and test your skills. You can use IDM's dispensers to make the experience a whole lot easier, quicker and also cleaner