Cookies Galore

Who doesn't love cookies? It is a rather simple treat, but it is delicious and comes in a huge variety of shapes and tastes. The most familiar cookie recipe is called the drop cookie. It's very simple and it fits today's busy life schedule most of us share. You make the dough first, then you stash it in the fridge for baking the cookies later. The beautiful thing about cookie dough, is that you can freeze it for a much later use, or you can even eat it as is, right out of the bowl.

That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles...

When baking drop cookies, you can create something spectacular if you put just a little imagination into it. You can add peanut butter, chocolate chips, oatmeal raisin, and everything else you think you should include in the recipe. Baking the cookies and then leaving them to sit in a turned off oven, gives them the chewy texture many people love. The sweetness of the dough and chocolate combined with a soft chewy texture sure does taste like a dream, and that is why so many people love cookies.


Most do not know, but these cookies have a Jewish heritage rooted in Passover because they are flourless. Of course, they can be and are made with flour, but their original recipe did not include the usage of flour at all, just like matzos. Today, cookies are a familiar and known treat, all over the globe. This great treat allows each and every person to bake it however they like and add to it whatever they like.


Bake Some Yourself

Everything you need in order to make some drop cookies is probably available in a store near you. Make it more comfortable for yourself the next time you feel like baking some cookies, and store the ingredients in IDM's dispensers. With IDM's dispensers, you get an even simpler cooking experience alongside the fact that they are also a perfect storage solution that keeps your products fresh and always ready for use.