Keep Your Store Hygienic

This is How IDM’s Dispensers Can Help You Keep Your Store Hygienic

Having a messy and unclean store is not a problem for only you and your staff, which wastes too much time cleaning and scuffing, but it can also scare away your customers. So, what can you do in order to keep your store more hygienic? Use IDM’s dry food dispensers!

Portion Control Dispensers - Say Goodbye to Spills!

These days, most food stores offer their customers convenient self-service options to enjoy their favorite foods – whether it is grain, cereal, tea leaves, and even ice cream toppings at your local neighborhood ice cream parlor. Every food store owner also knows that those self-service areas tend to become highly unclean and messy – with food spills everywhere, sticky counters, and even bugs that celebrate their newly found favorite lunch spot.
With IDM’s portion control dry food dispensers, it is now easier than ever before to keep those special self-service spots cleaner and tidier. Thanks to the smart portion control mechanism that is installed in each of our innovative dispensers, your customers (and staff) can dispense the exact amount of food they wish to have and not an ounce more, meaning – no more spills around your store that will attract unwanted guests and will warrant extra cleaning work. This basically means that both you and your staff can spend that time you’ve just saved in providing better and more professional service to your costumers.

Fresher Food in a Cleaner Store!

Keeping dry foods fresher for longer periods of time is another important aspect in which IDM’s dispensers can help you keep a more hygienic store. In other words, IDM's dispensers will help you serve fresher food and maintain a cleaner store, resulting in better hygiene and happier customers.
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