On Topping of the World

Don’t let stale, sweet toppings on your chocolate cookies get you sent back to the kitchen to bake some more! Remember, it's not only the cookie ingredients which need to be fresh and flavorsome, but the toppings on the cookies as well.

IDM Storage

You know how important the toppings are. Even without them you'll be number one Mom in the baking cookies arena. But add some sweet toppings, like crushed or whole M&M's or coconut or even crushed pistachios and your kids will never forget you. IDM have developed and designed amazing food storage and dispenser units. You can fill them with any dried food imaginable but your cake and cookie toppings will take a prime spot on your counter. IDM's storage and dispensers can also be customized to fit your needs, designed in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your taste. The sweets will add color to your kitchen and IDM's storage units will keep the toppings fresh and yummy.

IDM dispensers

Another excellent thing about IDM storage and dispenser units is that they have specially designed mechanisms to dispense your toppings. This prevents spillage, so you'll have less mess in your kitchen and there'll be less waste, which at the end of the day means that you'll be saving money. IDM's click dispenser is user friendly and you'll get just the right amount of toppings that you want: rainbow sprinkles, fruit sprinkles, chopped nuts. Your toppings will be protected against humidity, air and insects.
So, if you want to be a permanent sweet memory for your kids, store your toppings in IDM storage and dispensing units. They'll put you on the topping of the world!