The Spice of Life

Would you grate moldy Parmesan on your spaghetti? Spread rancid humus on your pita bread? Of course you wouldn't. Buying your spices fresh and keeping them fresh and tasty as possible to add flavor and zest to your foods and soups is of equal importance. Whole spices will stay fresher longer but they are harder to find and store and most of us buy our spices already ground.

IDM Fresh Spices

If you buy ground herbs and spices from your local grocery shop or supermarket there's a good chance that they've been there for a long time—months or even a year; not to mention them sitting in a warehouse for even longer than that. Produce of this type that has been sitting around for more than six months is probably stale. IDM have developed an innovative product to store these foods, especially designed to keep the produce fresh and maintain their original aroma in tightly sealed storage containers, sealed to the air, humidity and dust, and even against insects.

IDM Dispensing Designs

Now that you've learned that the best place for your ground spices and herbs is in an IDM storage unit, you'll be happy to hear that the unit itself is a storage and dispensing unit, in one. IDM's designs include a user-friendly click mechanism to measure exact portions, which prevents spills, eliminates waste, saves time and money, not to mention that the units come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your taste.
Your spices are now stored and dispensed smartly, full of freshness and with their special aroma. You’ve reduced the need for boxes, packages and bags and you can tick the environmentally friendly box with pride. With IDM around you, your ground herbs and spices really will be the spice of your life.