The Bulk Buying Revolution

In recent years we are witnessing a global change in regards to plastic pollution awareness. This change created a new kind of costumer, that wishes to do all of their grocery shopping free of any kind of plastic bags and products packaging. All of this led to a wave of new supermarket chains and private stores that are selling their products free of any packaging, by enabling their shoppers to buy in bulk.

Not Just A Trend

As it seems right now, the waste-free trend is here to stay. At this point, it should also be considered as more than a trend, as governments across the entire world pass new laws aimed at fighting and decreasing the plastic pollution problem. This change in attitude towards pollution brings with it the need for businesses in multiple fields and industries to adjust themselves.


Regarding the food industry, the change that needs to be done in order to be a part of the zero-waste trend might be simpler than you think. If you own a supermarket or a local ingredients store, you can make a very small adjustment in order to consider your business a zero-waste store.

Buying in Bulk

The first step when entering the zero-waste world is to get rid of packaging, as much as possible. Shoppers who wish to buy in bulk are accustomed to bringing their own means of packaging from home, so you only need to provide the food and ingredients. So, what is the best way to provide food in bulk, that will keep it fresh and tasty? The answer is IDM's dispensers.



With IDM's dispensers, you can provide your costumers with all kinds of nuts, coffee, sugar, spices and even protein powders, with a simple and easy to use dispensing mechanism.