Zero Waste Shopping – How to Do It

It is never too late to join in on the zero-waste shopping trend. As most people know, in recent years society has become much more aware of the consequences of plastic pollution and the damage it is causing. In order to slow down and possibly repair the damage that had already been done, zero-waste grocery stores rose up and became an undeniable part of the supermarket business.

Transforming Your Store

If you wish to become a part of the successful zero-waste trend, the changes your business needs are probably simpler than you think. The basic thing you need to provide in order to be considered a zero-waste store, is to provide food in bulk, and get rid of the plastic packaging. This is a small requirement that can make a very big difference for your business.

There are a few small adjustments to make when transforming your store to a zero-waste store. Oils and other liquids can be stored in jars with spouts, wheat products can be stored in cloth bags, and dry foods and powders can be stored in dispensers, such as IDM's dispensers.

IDM's Dispensers – The Advantages

With IDM's cutting-edge dispensing technology, you can get a variety of dispensers with different dispensing mechanisms. IDM's dispensers prevent spills and waste, so your business can stay clean as people use the dispensers while they're doing their grocery shopping. There is also a portion control mechanic that allows you to get the exact amount you want to dispense.

IDM's dispensers can store all kinds of nuts, coffee grains or powders, sugar, ice cream toppings, spices, cereal and even protein powders. Each and every one of IDM's dispensers is designed to keep the food you store in it as fresh as it can be.